Friday, August 10, 2012

Quieremos compartir con Uds este articulo en memoria de Danny, lo escribio FIU, su universidad.
Gracias Danny, te queremos mucho.
We want to share with you this article in memory of Danny, the FIU wrote his college.
Thanks Danny, we love you.

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  1. My dearest Danny,
    I know I'm a little.. well a lot late (As usual lol) in writing to you here. As I write this to you I still can't believe how it was just yesterday that I was talking to you about the new monkey emojis! lol. I knew that by writing to you here it only meant that the message I received about you that Tuesday was real. I somehow believed that you would simply just come back. However it's days like today that really make me realize how important you were/are to me. I want to thank you SO much for listening to me every single time I just needed someone to talk to, for motivating me to keep going, for reminding me to live life (YOLO lol), for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself, for giving me a pat in the back after my Crossfit WODs, for allowing me to help you schedule in YOUR WODs during your day even though we both knew you were going to be late to class if you went that day lol and for beleiveing in my dreams. But, most importantly, thank you for being there every single instance I needed someone to give me a "pick-me-up."
    Words cannot describe how much I miss you every single day. Even though you're not here with us, I know that your legacy lives on in each and every single person you touched. I am forever grateful for that day that you helped get to my interview in time lol, answered all my dumb what-if I don't get the internship questions and for helping me with things you didn't even know about during my internship. I thank God that we crossed paths and that I got to experience the magic of true greatness - you.
    I will always have you in my heart and I promise to always sprinkle a little bit of your legacy wherever I go.
    I love you dearly <3


This blog has been set up for all those who would like to join us in remembering Daniel's amazing life. The family has requested that their privacy be respected through these trying times. Also, in honor of Daniel's charitable spirit, we recommend that you donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters ( ), one of his volunteer efforts. Details on the memorial service will be posted as soon as plans are finalized

The foundation will be established to aid in some of his favorite causes. First, some funds will go to Doral Soccer, his local soccer club which he was looking for sponsors. Second, a scholarship for outstanding scholar-athletes will be made at his high school, Christopher Columbus. More details will be posted on this page.

Esta pagina se ha sido creado para todos aquellos que quieran unirse a nosotros en el recuerdo de nuestro querido Daniel. La familia ha pedido de favor que se respete su privacidad durante este tiempo. Tambien se pide que cualquier donacion se mande a grupos como Big Brothers Big Sisters (link anterior). Detalles del funeral seran publicados en esta pagina cuando los planes se finalicen.

La fundacion se establecera para ayudara a las causas por las que Daniel trabajaba. Primero, se apoyaria a su club local, Doral Soccer, por quien el buscaba patrocinadores. Tambien se creara una beca para estudiantes-atletas ejemplares en su escuela secundaria, Christopher Columbus. Los detalles seran publicados en esta pagina.

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